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Orkney Islands Goose Shooting

Wildfowling Holidays In Orkney

Orkney Islands Goose Shooting is a locally owned business offering premier quality wildfowling to visiting sportsmen. Owner, and head guide, Raymond Shearer, is a life-long, passionate wildfowler local to the Orkney Islands, and has many seasons experience of guiding shooting parties.

Orkney Islands Goose Shooting holds exclusive shooting rights over many of the finest goose grounds and farmland in Orkney. We ensure the grounds are lightly shot during season, preserving stock, and assuring guests have the best possible likelihood of quality sport. We are able to offer decoying, or flighting; depending which the guests prefer.

Raymond also owns the island’s only sporting goods & gun shop as part of William Shearers general goods, and uses the very best of equipment. His stock of wildfowling cartridges is second to none in the UK. He is able to supply you with all equipment required in a shoot, and can even provides gun rentals.